When can I expect my International order?

Globally, everyone is still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and the shipping delays that it has caused. Because of this, the expectations for shipping times are longer than normal. For all orders that we ship out, customers will be provided tracking information so that you can monitor their order on your end as well.

At this time, some countries are still showing large delays with processing shipments through customs. This is the main reason for international shipping delays that we are seeing at this time.

APC, our international shipping partner, does use different shipping carriers to ship to different countries. In your tracking details, APC will always share what shipping carrier that is responsible for delivering your order and provide an estimated delivery time frame based on the tracking details and typical transit times.

Based on what we are seeing with international orders in general, it is very common for tracking to go a week or more without any updates. This does not mean that there is an issue with your order and in most cases, if your order is lost or damaged, it will be confirmed through the tracking details and we will be happy to work with you to resolve these issues.

We would also like to note that Streamily does not cover any duty fees or taxes that are due upon delivery.

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